Recipe: Perfect Lee's "Perfect" Hard Boiled Eggs

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Lee's "Perfect" Hard Boiled Eggs. When I peel them after cooling slightly in an ice bath, I get perfect hard-boiled eggs. This recipe does actually produce "Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs"! My husband loves hard boiled eggs and quite frankly so do I and nothing is more frustrating than something so simple turning out improper or down right ugly when doing deviled eggs or wanting something pretty to garnish a nice salad.

Lee's "Perfect" Hard Boiled Eggs Some prefer a classic hard-boiled egg, with yolks firm enough to make deviled eggs. The perfect hard-boiled egg has no green ring around the yolk; the yolk is creamy and mellow; and if you want, you can stop short of the hard-boil and make a gooey soft-boiled egg instead. Do you know how to make perfect boiled eggs every single time? You can cook Lee's "Perfect" Hard Boiled Eggs using 3 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Lee's "Perfect" Hard Boiled Eggs

  1. It's of Water.
  2. Prepare of Eggs.
  3. It's 2 Tablespoons of Kosher Salt.

I will share with you my simple tips on how to get perfect hard boiled eggs every single time. The ultimate guide for how to boil eggs perfectly every time - and the best method for how to peel hard boiled eggs easily! Includes a time chart to make perfect boiled eggs how you like 'em, the best add-ins to the water for easy peel eggs, storage tips, and more. Oven-baked "hard-boiled" eggs are just eggs heated up in a hot, dry oven.

Lee's "Perfect" Hard Boiled Eggs step by step

  1. Place however many eggs you desire in a stockpot. Cover eggs by 2 inches with cool tap water. Bring to a rolling boil on your stovetop. Once you have a rolling boil, take stockpot off the heat source. Cover with a lid and let rest for 10 minutes. Then place eggs in a ice bath. Wait for around 1 hour to fully chill. Peel and enjoy!!.

It's a smart move when you're making loads of eggs or stovetop space is at a premium. Pro Tip: Use a muffin tin to keep the eggs from rolling about in the oven. These are the two most frustrating things about cooking hard-boiled eggs. The yolk isn't pretty and the shell is difficult to get off. Now, before you decide to head over to the grocery to purchase those overpriced and convenient hard boiled eggs; check out how easy it is to get them perfect at home-every time.